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To provide professional recommendations in the areas of real estate investment, property development, re-development, rehab design and Tenant-Landlord management, FASS Real Estate Services offers real estate consulting services and outsourced real estate expertise to new and semi-seasoned real estate professionals.


With Go.CEO powered by FASS we offer outsourced real estate expertise, consulting and support services to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Go.CEO service provides oversight and complementary and highly-effective skill sets that are beneficial to helping you run your small business.

Lease Negotiations

Negotiating a lease is easy if you know what you’re doing. Seek advice from someone on our team of professionals before you sign on the dotted line.

Sustainability Platform

Our Sustainability Platform service provides property owners with resource maximizing, energy cutting, cost-saving solutions to maximize returns on their investment properties.


Turn to FASS for innovative solutions to rebuild and enhance economic centers of the community for continued growth and urban renewal.

Financial Services

We’re poised to offer leading banking, payroll, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to provide you with an integrated set of expert solutions to help you stay on top of issues.

Rehab Design

FASS works as a consultant to help low- and moderate-income homeowners and private commercial property owners maintain and improve their property.

Strategic Advice

Our strategic advisory can help you approach challenges and navigate the possibilities by helping you recognize opportunity, clarify your vision, create strategies, implement actions and measure results.

Property Acquisition+Site Selection

Whether you’re seeking Raw Land, Apartments, Retail, Office and Industrial Properties, let us help you identify and procure properties for development or re-development.

Cost Cutting

Want to see a greater profit? Let us review your business and offer cost-reduction proposals intended to give you a greater return on your investment.

Subleasing & Disposal Strategies

Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in disposal of excess space through sale or sublease, we can evaluate lease documents to help identify a strategy and the issues concerning a sublease, sale or cancellation.

Tenant-Landlord Management

Turn to us for experience. As Property Managers, we know the issues you can face as a Landlord. We can work with you to reduce barriers that prevent a positive tenant and landlord relationship.

Rent Reviews

Confer with Real Estate professionals at FASS on the many variables that can apply to market rent reviews and work with us to ensure your comparability in the market, while maintaining your profitability.

Real Estate Investment

Get professional advice. Our Real Estate investment consulting services are structured to provide assistance to investors interested in all aspects of business within the United States.

Property Development

Consult with us. With property development services we can walk you through everything from analysis of proposed sites to closing and reconciliation of accounts and Property




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